Purchase Terms

ArtScope – is a shareware. Price includes support via e-mail and all updates up to the next version 3.xxx.

ArtScope licenses

Price for the license

Price for upgrading from version 1.xxx to 2.xxx

1 license

18 USD.


12 USD

Upgrade link


12 USD.



Upgrade link

To download and try the program follow the link.



Confirmation with Registration key will be sent to you by email in no later than 48 hours after the payment was made. Run the program and press F11, switch to tab 100 years, then enter the Key into the corresponding field, and press ENTER.

Название: Interface for registration 

After about a minute you should receive confirmation of successful registration.

Название: Confirmation of successful registration


You may need to transfer the license from one PC to another, say new and more powerful. In order not to lose the license (and money) you need to release the license on the current PC (which is now installed and running the program ArtScope).

To do this, press F11, a form will appear, enter your registration key for this program, and click Unlink.

Название: Interface to unbind license from PC

After 1-2 minutes, you will get new registration key, which you can enter on a new computer. The program on the current computer will go into demo mode.

Название: New key stored in ArtScope.txt

As you can see from the message, new key is also stored in the file ArtScope.txt in the folder c:\Users\Public\Documents\ArtScope\License\.

Upgrade policy

Upgrade is free for all users of the purchased version of the product up to the next version 3.xxx.

Contact us

If you have any suggestions, comments or wish to share your work, contact us.

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