This example was created from multiple animations. You can run multiple ArtScope programs and get such composition motion.

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Mandala: photos and video

Mandala is a sacred symbol in many religions. Usually it is a static image, with symmetric and complex form. The mandala is considered as a model of the Universe, the map of space. Looking at this beautiful image we are wondering what lies beneath, what lurks behind this mysterious form. How could it be revived?

Your program is the best for generating mandalas. Larger ones can be made using Photoshop (9000 x 6000 with 300ppi, for example). But there is very little control and it is time consuming.
Skip Kremer

ArtScope is a great tool to create mandala of any shape (square, round, radiant, star-shaped). Adding animation, you will get a truly mysterious and magical image. Music can also enhance the perception. See examples of static images and video of the mandala.