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ArtScope – PC Kaleidoscope
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ArtScope is designed for entertainment and leisure. You are the creator of magical images. Enjoy the process of creating and spectating. Relax from hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy delightful, ever-changing kaleidoscope. Amaze your eyes with bright and saturated colors, while relaxing and enjoying the patterns and colors combinations, slowly rotating in the mesmerizing dance of light. Add music background and the effect will be even stronger. Do yourself a big favor and bring this little bit of "Sacrament" into your home as a way to escape from your worries for a while. Travel in this wonderful world of art and use your HD TV set to get the maximum effect. I think you will love it! ArtScope - is a perfect toy for all ages.

Video examples: Africa, Space, Indian, Clocks, Icon . More… Static examples-1, static examples-2.

Every man being a child many times looked through that amazing thing called Kaleidoscope, wondering where such delightful patterns come from. We disassembled many Kaleidoscopes, studied how they work and transformed our knowledge into the computer program. However we decided not to limit Kaleidoscope design with traditional three mirrors, so our Kaleidoscope can have up to 100 mirrors and several image layers placed under each other (like several sets of stained bits of glass and beads). You can feel yourself a child again, enjoying Kaleidoscope patterns with this program, but now - with both eyes, and 1000 more options….

Buy ArtScope – make a present to your friends and yourself, it could be not just-a-fun-thing but a great tool for creating amazing stuff, such as inscriptions, unique greeting cards, and other different kind of objects.


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